Probate Litigation

A dispute can arise from any family or financial matter, even if the original will was done correctly. If a family member claims to be the rightful beneficiary, the will can be presented in court, and the probate judge will make the final decision. If the estate holder has passed away without leaving an updated will, there could be unanswered questions and decisions that must be made. If you are in the middle of a dispute or know of trustees of a family estate that have failed in their fiduciary responsibility to gather any assets or distribute them according to the terms of the trust, contact us so we can recommend what the next step would be.

What types of cases can I handle?

• Will contests
• If someone passed away without a will
• Improper handling of the estates' assets
• Investigation of non-probate assets
• A person not listed on a will claims to be a beneficiary.

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